Hojas de Inspiración

Leaves of Inspiration by Lakshmi

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com


The shoots are born

they emerge from the essence of the tree

developing slowly

reaching out to the light.

Their form grows

each one is unique

and has a natural perfection

and beauty that moves us.

The leaves rustle in the breeze

their birth came from Love,

to sustain and purify our air

they are here to nurture.


In-spirare in latin, the motion of inhaling, is the act that supports our existence.

The ancients taught us that within the act of breathing we could find a secret path towards the true Self, that the concentration on every breath, its movement and its rhythm, could be a bridge to realize our deeper reality and the union with the eternal.

This physical inhalation is a depiction of the movement of an inner inspiration, of this special moment when we receive inside of us an element that is sacred from our world or from the transcendental reality. This inner inhalation of the spirit can transport us to a fresh and creative state of being. It is an auspicious experience that can enrich and elevate our nature.


Leaves of Inspiration

Ancient and modern voices, traditions and discoveries here are our leaves, each one a symbol born from the great universal Tree of Wisdom. Each leaf that flows into your being is a reflection of experiences, insights and lives dedicated to the understanding of our deeper nature.

May these Leaves of Inspiration be an offering for you, may they serve to soothe your spirit. May these leaves light a fire for your will so that you can reach the realizations you seek. May they appear as beautiful images for your mind and your heart to contemplate on. They are yours now, take them, make them your own, for you, for your life and for the world.


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