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An Immemorial Quest (by Lakshmi)

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

The immemorial quest is a path towards our true Self, our ‘Tree of Wisdom’. It is on this expedition that we will find the answer to the question, “Who am I?”

How do we discover the way? How can we orientate ourselves through the great forest of our existence and encounter the pathway towards realization?

We are blessed, as this route has been trodden by many before us. It is well worn under our feet. And the further we go along, and the more simple everything appears, the horizon is clearer and our nature becomes more luminous. It is on this journey of Self-discovery that we can become archaeologists, unearthing the secret work of art in our being.

It is our birthright to uncover our deeper nature and at the same time understand and transform the tragicomic painting, that reflects the diverse aspects of our consciousness. The objective is to create from the turbulence, contradiction and separation a beautiful masterpiece, arriving at a sublime harmony and unity.

This is the enigmatic law of things, the reality that there is a Dharma (a meaning) that underlies our fundamental existence. Embarking ourselves into this play we observe patiently our metamorphosis: giving birth to wings, learning to how to fly with grace and tasting again our original essence of freedom.

The first part of our adventure rests upon our capacity to resound perfectly with this true nature. Inside of this process we should start an exploration leading us to unlearn, heal and recreate ourselves. These actions allow us to pierce through the mist into the open meadow of the newly rediscovered being.

The second part on our quest consists of mastering the Self in life and in the world. Our priority being to sustain the contact with the true inner reality and newly purified nature, while experiencing the colors and forms of the phantasmagoria that is the existence in the senses.

This immemorial quest is waiting for us and it is within our reach. We take on this challenge for ourselves to evolve in our consciousness. But we also do this to offer ourselves to the transcendental sacred force, (that imbues our existence), and with the actions that we create from this spiritual nature, we can make a contribution here in the physical reality.

Initiating this path, we have decided to leave the small wheel to join the big wheel, dancing beyond our limitations, fusing ourselves with a mystical destiny and finding our place at the service of the world.


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