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The flowering of the three Selves (by Lakshmi)

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

Arriving back in contact with the Self is like coming home. We begin to become conscious of this part of us that has always been there silently within, observing us, and we start to experience the depth of our true nature.

The return to our inner haven, situated in the center of the woods of our life, opens the door to a plethora of realizations. One of the most fundamental of these being that from this abode within us we can establish a connection with the Great Transcendental Self and its expansive cosmic nature, limitless, beautiful and blissful.

Another essential realization born from the Inner Self is the perception that the Physical Self, understood as the material world, is the manifestation of the Transcendental Self.

In the contact with the Inner Self our real identity appears and we learn who we are beyond our dualities. With this clarity we have the opportunity to realize ourselves on a higher level of existence and see the order in the puzzle of our lives. We understand that our journey and the myriad experiences that we have had, both nurturing and damaging, are all a part of a process that has led us to this place. We start to feel the naturalness of the child consciousness and the old mirages of confusion and anxieties begin their passage of dissolution.

Once we have become established in the Inner Self we can find the way to commune with the Transcendental Self. With this union it is possible to comprehend that we are a part of a collective evolutionary spiritual plan. Also we see with a lucidity that the universal design was not meant to keep us permanently in the state of half-light and half-darkness, following endless circles of redundant forms and ways of being without an exit.

The grace that comes from the contact with the Transcendental Self permits us to decipher the clues that our laid before us, and we begin to play a coherent part in this unfolding drama. Being in communication with the Transcendental Self and its cosmic nature gives us the possibility of feeling a true freedom, and establish a constant unity with its essence of joy. In this way, no matter where we are or the circumstances, the winds of happiness can surge up within us.

Finally, illumined with the knowledge from the Inner Self and the grace from the Transcendental Self we reconnect ourselves with the Physical Self. We begin to understand that the material world is an emanation from the primordial Absolute, and that the foundation of this sensory reality and all beings is an expression of the original Transcendental Self.

Within the sacredness of our human nature we have the possibility of achieving an ultimate and integrated vision, which unites the three Selves and their worlds, the inner, the transcendental, and the physical. In this vision, these Selves will become intertwined, and their manifestation will undulate in a perfect harmony.

We can be the receptacles of this integral reality with the invocation of the peace and truth from the inner world; with the opening to the wisdom and expansion from the transcendental world, and with the invitation of the will and clarity to realize the true nature of the physical world and witness the transcendental in the mundane.

With the vision of the three Selves and the movement of our nature to achieve this goal, naturally we find ourselves compelled to live a life that is less egocentric, feeling the attraction for activities that will bring us more meaning. Looking to be an extension of the Transcendental Self in the world and an instrument for positive actions, to serve others, conscious that they are in fact a part of ourselves.

We are meant to be explorers of these three Selves, defying our boundaries and going beyond what is known to us. With this flowering in our inner reality and its manifestation in life, we can discover the origin of all mysteries and realize that this journey in our consciousness is in essence a fragrant spirit of delight, simple and true.



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