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The essential virtue (by Ishwara)

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

“Are you able to combine the breath of the spirit with the breath of the body?

Harmonizing the life energy with the versatility of a newborn ?

Cleaning all of the impurities in the inner vision, until it is transparent?

Loving the people and governing without implementing a plan of action ?

Opening and closing the gates of heaven and resounding with the feminine principle?

Penetrating everything in existence, without knowledge, armed with clarity and inner purity?

Giving birth and nourishing,

bearing yet not possessing,

working yet not taking credit,

leading yet not dominating.

This is the Primal Virtue”.

Lao Tsé. Chinese Philosopher to whom they attribute the writing of the Tao Te Ching, an essential Taoist text. Fragment of the Tao Te Ching. No. X.


The declarations in this passage are calling to our deeper Self and the answers can only be revealed when they manifest themselves in our actions. They sound like questions, but in reality they are challenges to initiate a path towards self-knowledge, the conquest of the personal nature and the expression of our inner luminosity in the world.

The first inquiry shows the duality between the physical being and the life of the spirit and at the same time, gives us the way to resolve it: uniting the body with the breath of the spiritual being. This unification guides us to the second invitation: to imprint an order in the vital being that is so frequently dispersed and discordant. The text gives us a valuable key, the return to the child consciousness, harmonious, innocent and flexible.

With the union and the order of the body and the vital being, the next challenge will be the purity of the emotional being and the clarity of the mind. To reach this objective, the Master in the text emphasizes the conquest of the freedom in our heart, and the practice of a love without dualities, accompanied with a mind without egotism, curious and intuitive.

When a conscious and constant effort in our Being has obtained the unity of the body, the vital breath, the heart and the mind with the spiritual Breeze (That which is perennial in the ever changing reality), it is time to embrace the world.

The first offering of our transformed Being to Others is in the question: “Loving the people and governing without implementing a plan of action?” This is an appeal to express unconditional love, free from an objective, directed with compassion and goodness. If we have received a sip of the boundless source of the Spirit, we will feel that to Give and Love completely is a self-realization and an expression, never a loss or a sacrifice.

With the expression; “In the opening and closing of the gates of heaven”, the Tao expresses the nature of the action of the Spiritual being: including the most encumbered action is assumed with humility for those who have conquered their being. The quality of resounding “with the feminine principle” speaks to us of the essence of surrender to a superior power, revealing to us the offering of each action to He who sustains the spirit and reminds us to be conscious that our being is only an instrument, a branch that offers its fruits to the world with humility.

Lastly, a messenger for the consciousness comes with the phrase “Penetrating everything in existence, without knowledge, armed with clarity and inner purity”. The vision of this section looks for us to conceive the Reality without the distortions of the rational being. This means, it invites us to Know the world, penetrating it profoundly and integrally: with all of our instruments; with the freedom and delight of our spirit and the guidance of the spiritual light. In this way the mind will be a medium, we will not be enslaved by the intellect and our pure heart can create in each action a work of art that is beautiful and honorable.

All these questions require our attention, reflection, silence and action. They speak to us about the duty we have to create life and nurture the world with our existence. They incite us to participate in the world as cosmic workers, but without attachment to our actions. They guide us to look for the gratuitousness in our hearts until we give spontaneously without waiting for compensation. And they inspire us to become symbols of the Sacred Force, without possessing it. This is because our Being is only a stream from the ocean of Delight and Consciousness. This is the essential virtue.


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