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The inner conquest (by Lakshmi)

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

Moments exist in our lives when we have the opportunity to be pioneers, to go beyond what we know about ourselves and the world, to discover deeper realities. When we take the decision to advance towards this door, we can glimpse the beauty and depth of our being, enter into contact with a reality that transcends our individuality and become aware of a sacred thread woven through all that exists. This fundamental time can reveal a path of knowledge that goes past the normal experience in life and presents us with a vision of ourselves greater than our expectations. Why must we pursue this path? Because it permits us to initiate an evolution within our nature and establish a constant contact with the sacred reality.

However, the promise of our perfected nature, the luminosity of the future and our goal to arrive at the union with our inner Self presents a challenge for our actual reality. For this path urges us to conquer our inner nature and recover what is pristine. At the beginning of this journey we should invoke courage to venture into the unchartered territories of our consciousness. And to advance towards the flowering of our elevated nature, we will need three essential qualities: Truth, Will and Concentration.

In the experience that we call “life” we create strategies (consciously and unconsciously) to adapt to our circumstances, and little by little we form a framework that we name our “personality”. This individual personality manifested in mind, life and body separates us from the world and gives us an identity and the idea of “I am”. However, this “I” (ego in the oriental thinking) is not the complete reality of who we are. The ego nature is a normal part of our human experience; in fact, we develop this outer layer in order to exist and operate in the world. But with the realization of a deeper reality and the initiation of the path of self-discovery, we can discern that the “ego” does not represent the totality of our Being and that the constitution of our individuality is not the last state of evolution in our consciousness. It is at this moment, when the first quality of the Truth becomes essential.

The first stage in the inner conquest requires an analysis of our psychology to provide us with knowledge about the nature within. The Truth will guide us to recognize the luminous aspects and the difficulties of our individual being and it will teach us to identify our true inner Self. In the same way, it will help us to understand when, how and why we assume our problematic characteristics and behaviors. The Truth will also teach us to surpass the chimeras that we have created for ourselves and to transmute our limitations. This deep psychological investigation is an opportunity to discover the origins of our unconscious self and it reveals to us the reasons why on occasions we act in certain unexplainable ways. The last aim of the Truth is to provide us with a map of our consciousness that shows us what aspects we should transform, reconcile and assimilate, to achieve a complete unity with our true Self.

To the quality of the Truth we add the Will. The Will is a force to help us to navigate in the direction that the Truth has shown us. In the first place, the Will manifests itself in the courage of our inner warrior, to be fearless to face our ego and with sincerity make the necessary changes. In the second place, the invocation of the Will expresses itself as tenacity that maintains us in the right direction, as we meet the manifold masks of ourselves. The objective of the Will is to give us strength and patience in front of difficulties, and a flexibility to manifest our New Being.

The third quality that will guide us in this conquest is the Concentration. This helps us to become conscious of an intuitive knowledge and inner state, retreating from the senses (pratyahara in Sanskrit) to reach the observer within (saksi purusha in Sanskrit). We develop the awareness of this witness consciousness first in the calm of a meditation, where we discover our capacity to be behind our thoughts and unite with this deeper self. Later on during our activities in life, it is possible to look from this witness the movements in our thoughts, our speech and our actions. From this inner position we can choose the positive over the negative, the creative over the destructive and in the same way the imperfections, the false powers and the domination of the ego will lose their influence. This second form of Concentration is a dynamic way to contemplate and transform our being in our daily life. This can prove to be one of the most effective ways in the conquest of the nature, for it is in our active life that the ego is most prevalent and easy to detect.

This journey of Truth, Will and Concentration, is unique and specific for each one of us. The period of the conquest reveals to us our own labyrinths and the keys to open the portals of wisdom. This is the greatest mission of our lives and requires strength from our whole being. Despite the arduousness of this challenge, the meeting with the Truth should be kind and we should avoid the denigration of our being or allow ourselves to become disheartened as we discover and shed the extraneous layers of our ego. Notwithstanding the trials that may come, we must not lose sight of the play even finding delight in this inner work, having an empathy with ourselves, laughing at ourselves, letting go and learning that we all eventually have to go through this process. Besides, even in these difficult moments, it is essential to remember that we are not alone, that there is a Divine Force that is accompanying us on this expedition, and that the Will of the conquest itself comes from a divine wind that blows inside of us. This force can support us and from it we can receive a Grace capable of guiding us beyond the obstacles. This conquest is our opportunity of assisting the magic of our metamorphosis, the moment when we come out of the chrysalis to realize our fulfilled and sacred nature.


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