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Metaphors for the path (by Sri Ramakrishna)

Aldo Dalmazzo. Flickr.com/aldodalmazzo

Aldo Dalmazzo. Flickr.com/aldodalmazzo



Like when a child starts to write he draws big scribbles before he starts to dominate his little hand, like this we should learn how to concentrate our mind fixing it first on things with form; and when we have obtained success with this, we can center the mind on that which has no form.


There was a man who wanted to cross the river. A wise man gave him an amulet and said to him: “This will take you to the other side”. The man took it and with it in his hand he started to walk on the waters. When he arrived to the middle of the river his heart became overwhelmed with curiosity and he opened the amulet to see what was inside. And there he found a piece of paper with the name Rama written on it. So the man said; “Well! This was the whole secret?”. And when he said this, he sunk. What makes miracles work is faith in the divine Name, because faith is life, and doubt is death.


A tree full of fruit always bends its branches. Also, if you want to be great, you should be humble.


When the tail falls off, the tadpole can live both in the water and on the land. When the tail of ignorance falls off, man becomes free again. Then he can live equally well in the Divine and in the world.


Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886) Considered one of the great mystics from India in the 19th Century. He proposed that the essential truth was beyond every religion, but at the same time constitutes the essence of each religion. One of his fundamental teachings is: “Not kindness to living beings, but serving the living being as Shiva (God) Himself”. His universality, devotion and compassion inspired the valuable work of his disciple Vivekananda in the West. Extracts from the book: Dichos y sentencias: Sri Ramakrishna. Barcelona. 2006. Translation by Leaves of Inspiration.


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