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A reflection about our real nature (by Sri Aurobindo)

Aldo Dalmazzo. Flickr.com/aldodalmazzo

Aldo Dalmazzo. Flickr.com/aldodalmazzo

The fundamental idea of a Yoga of self-perfection must be […] a reversal of the present relations of the soul of man to his mental, vital and physical nature. Man is at present a partly self-conscious soul subject to and limited by mind, life and body, who has to become an entirely self-conscious soul master of his mind, life and body. Not limited by their claims and demands, a perfect self-conscious soul would be superior to and a free possessor of its instruments. This effort of man to be master of his own being has been the sense of a large part of his past spiritual, intellectual and moral strivings.

In order to be possessor of his being with any complete reality of freedom and mastery, man must find out his highest self, the real man or highest Purusha [spirit] in him, which is free and master in its own inalienable power. He must cease to be the mental, vital, physical ego; for that is always the creation, instrument and subject of mental, vital, physical Nature. This ego is not his real self, but an instrumentation of Nature by which it has developed a sense of limited and separate individual being in mind, life and body. By this instrumentation he acts as if he were a separate existence in the material universe. Nature has evolved certain habitual limiting conditions under which that action takes place; self-identification of the soul with the ego is the means by which she induces the soul to consent to this action and accept these habitual limiting conditions. While the identification lasts, there is a self-imprisonment in this habitual round and narrow action, and, until it is transcended, there can be no free use by the soul of its individual living, much less a real self-exceeding. For this reason an essential movement of the Yoga is to draw back from the outward ego sense by which we are identified with the action of mind, life and body and live inwardly in the soul. The liberation from an externalized ego sense is the first step towards the soul’s freedom and mastery.

Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) Philosopher, poet and spiritual master born in India. Text from The Synthesis of Yoga. Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust: India. 1999. Part IV, Chapter IV: “The Perfection of the Mental Being”.


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