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The Call (by Lakshmi)

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

A Trumpeter awaits within

he calls us to an awakening

this golden messenger has always been there

protecting the inner diamond seed.


He waits for us to hear

to cultivate

to lay the soil

to moisten the terrain

to shine our mind’s light

for the transformation.


If we send our light outside,

how can the little seed be harvested?

If we only listen to the outer voices,

how can the inner sweet tune be heard?


This sacred seed with the right care

can become a tree of universal wisdom

upon it many leaves will glisten.

Each one offering multifarious ways to walk

to find the realization of what is sought

bringing a different scent and magic.


A leaf of devotion for our heart

a leaf of knowledge for our mind

a leaf of sacrifice for the secret of our actions

a leaf of experience for us to know.


A leaf that uplifts all of life to its sacred levels

a cosmic leaf to grasp the true reality behind the forms

a leaf that harmoniously connects us with the world

a leaf of perpetual renewal to inspire our inner quest.


And there we see above the rest

a unique leaf of liberty that simply is

beautiful, wise and utterly free.


Once we’ve heard the Musician’s call

we can commence this magical play

entering into eternity’s honeyed mystery

creating within a life

spontaneously born and reborn

human and cosmic nature has become one.


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