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Called Poetry (by Premananda Deva)

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

That is life

oh, the cry to be heard

from under the shell

is only my wish

and why is it crying?

and why am I crying?

when a birth is considered bliss?


The mood was created

while yet so young

and a flood of waves swept heavy

and made known God’s presence

in the still of Loneliness.


Put On

the ego again he cried

for he had done it six times before

and what will be held for the seventh

a bit of magic?


To be or

not yet,

for the fear and death that remains

yes, this is still strong, but

I can possess and not be possessed

no idiot I

only in the sight of others

not in the light of me.


As Brightness Is

light, so lightness

is not bright

intensity of light will display its source

with colors bright and love and goodness

from things and people around.


Flood me

be known to me

don’t leave me now,

I cry too fast and

grow so slow for my years.


Where do Thee Lie?

Soul of Life

Soul of my life

wrap your arms about my frame

are you still?

are you churning?

or are you still and churning?

are you one?

are you many?

are you manifold oneness?

are you Divine?

can you be mine?

Heaven knows I wanted to behold,

to cherish you in my abode,

just rest Yourself in me.


The Circle

of life is sought, so

what do you expect

a transformation?

a transcendation?

an ego surrendered for the effort rendered?


Keep the Silence

abide by the unknown disturbance

adhere to your rhythm

and falter not your steps

for the lingering to view

take your cue

from the response of it

and describe it not to skeptics known.


You Are

close to you

as you know you stand so few

do you what with the experience?

what will the experience do to you?


Only Eyes

but windows to the self

and openings for tears to flow

and fear to grow

and light to flood

for now and forever more

the eyes behold the enriching self

behind the gaze

so let not the ego haze.


Semantically speaking

I do not , let me say,

I do not adhere merely

to the words of our voiceless race

nor to emotion

from the irrational reason

for it is not what I seek

call it a “Song of Myself”

but why be trite and even a plagiarist

when we can say it.


Can I? Can we?

my vision has blurred, been disturbed

and by control, grown and glowed

for the vision from within to flow out to me


Naked Beauty

forever you stand

alone to your self

make yourself known

to the great Unknown

and will I then be known?


Torment, lament,

torture, horror,

grace, bliss, birth


Am I searching too fast?

too much for now?

is it there?

can I be seen

hidden in the great Void?

let it not be a great hidden Void

but light stirring

and recalling a spirit.

Premananda Deva (1932-2008). Spiritual guide, writer and teacher from the United States. Founder of the organization New Future Society and Lakshmi Devi’s master for fifteen years. Poem written in 1960 in San Francisco (USA). Text extract from the book Spiritual Revolution. 2002.




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