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The Mirror (by Ananda Devi)

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com


We identify ourselves with the contents of our minds. We associate who we are, what is real, with the impressions coming from the senses and the mental formations that result from the contact with the world. However, we can dissociate ourselves from this identification and we have the capacity to “observe” these contents and situate ourselves as “witnesses” of our minds. In this “position” it is possible to perceive our Being more profoundly, the part of us that belongs to an essential Reality. If we succeed in achieving this state, as a “witness” of our mind, we will realize that it functions like a mirror.


One of the most direct ways of arriving to the position of the “witness” is the quieting down of the mental movements. When the mind experiences stillness, without permitting the reflection from the physical world, nor the stimulus of memories, concepts and our imagination, then we can perceive the “observer”. From this new perspective we can see our real Self and embrace the whole Reality. Only then can we plunge into the ocean of life and be “one” with it, know it; only then will we know that the mind is a mirror.


If we are capable of removing from our mind the impressions from the sphere of the senses, and we use our will to elevate it beyond the exterior stimulae, it will be able to reflect another reality, the Transcendental Reality, in its manifold aspects and pristine purity. From this perspective the consciousness of the Self is no longer affected by the prismatic vision of the physical world, but will receive the reflection directly from the Source, the Origin. From this position we are allowed to experience the primordial creative movement, manifesting through our existence. We will be “eyes”, we can “See”; we will receive the “true sight”. The mystery of creation is revealed and we become witnesses to the act of creation. We will awaken to the presence of the Transcendental reality in the Creation and at the same time we will recognize the Will that runs through the essence of existence. In this communication (“reflection”) with this reality, we will not only be witnesses, we become participants in the consciousness that creates and we experience the Joy pervading the entire creation.


When the mind is stilled we do not enter into a “nothingness”, but into an “absoluteness”, which is the foundation of that which we perceive with our senses. The mind reveals itself as a mirror and it will reflect what it is exposed to. When we cease to impress external sensory images on it, the Essence of all inner things will appear.


Thus the calmness of the mind allows us to “see”, to “witness”, and to “play” as the Creator is “playing” with delight and beauty in existence. This first reflection of the Absolute will be the beginning of an experience of the diversity of the Divine.


To penetrate the mystery of Creation signifies the discovery of the Secret of All Secrets and the expansion of man’s possibilities, until we feel that we are one with the Father.


Ananda Devi (1922-1994). Philosopher, writer and spiritual guide born in France. She was the founder of the International Council for the Investigation into the Nature of Man (Mumbai, India 1958) and one of the inspirations for the New Future Society. She diffused the wisdom from the Orient in the West for four decades (in her centers in New York and Paris). She was the Master of Premananda Deva for thirty-four years. Fragment from the conference offered in the Social Scientific Society for Intercultural Relations. New York, January 1960.


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