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The spirit of Creativity (by Lakshmi Devi)

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

In Indian cosmology, the essence of the nature of reality in Sanskrit is called Sat Chit Ananda, (Existence, Consciousness, Bliss). Ancient tradition says that when the Supreme Being became conscious of his existence he experienced an extraordinary bliss. This ecstasy was the primordial impulse, the initial motivation, to create all that exists: the motor behind all of Creation was delight.

We are all potential creators and behind our creative capacity hides a spark that is a part of and that connects us to a great flame of Delight. As the artists, and those who dedicate their lives to the creative acts know, there is an force within us that is waiting to be liberated. The contact with this force helps us to be conscious of our inner life and its capacity for inspiration. From here is it possible to find, activate and work with the creative force in a conscious way.

Creative actions can transform our reality; they give us the sensation that it is possible to change and improve the world and bring meaning to our lives. But despite the importance of creativity, as we progress in our lives this creative flame can become diminished. The reason for this decline in the creative force was explained by Ananda Devi, (a French thinker that integrated the oriental and occidental philosophical practices and for thirty-four years was the Master of my spiritual teacher Premananda Deva). She said: “One of the greatest illnesses of humanity is inertia, and these silent waters extinguish the fire of creativity in the human beings… Absence of creation brings frustration and a frustrated person can lose all meaning in his or her life”. Inertia, in the form of comfort, conformism, laziness or any other synonym for inaction, can prevent us from being united with the force of creation, impeding us from the contact with this inner flame and original Delight.

The path back to find our creative spirit reaches its greatest dimension when we enter into the inner world. When we are capable of calming our mind and are in contact with our inner Self, we will be able to see the paradigms that have generated the inertia. After this it is possible to discover our true nature, find the inspiration and decipher the keys for the creative acts. With this inner experience it is possible to penetrate into the reality again, to manifest our creative nature and recreate the world.

The entrance into the inner world can occur naturally when we take the time in our lives to breathe; to be in nature; to soothe the rhythms of our being, moving more slowly; bringing to our mind words, images and or sensations that evoke peace and wellbeing, or practice techniques that invite harmony and fulfillment. When we connect with this peaceful reality we feel as if we have come home again. The state of calmness from the inner world will be the foundation for our healing and the recreation of our being; and from this personal transformation we will affect positively our exterior lives.

In the epoch in which we are living with so many challenges, we are being called to contact our inner Self to feel its peace, delight and creative power. Not only for our benefit, but to assume the responsibility of our actions, for the society where we live and the world in general. The difference between a ‘conscious’ creative person and an ‘unconscious’ creative person is that the first has had a profound inner realization. When we return to our inner home we realize that there is an interdependence with all that exists and we are capable of perceiving a loving connection that unites everything. This vision of this interdependency can inspire us to make a pact with ourselves so that each creative act, no matter how small it is, constructs life, alleviates suffering and has a pure intention.

From this perspective of delight, creativity and interdependency, the idea of the creative act as a battle or a conquest of the world loses power. And the concept that each true creation manifests a fluidity and a profound contact between an inner reality and the outer existence gains strength. Each morning we have the opportunity to light the inner creative flame, to recreate our being, to transform the realities of where we live and to make a creative swerve at the inertia of the world, becoming cocreators in our own unique way.

* A version of the text originally published in Spanish in the magazine Revista Explora, edition October-November 2013, Colombia, South America. Published for the first time in english. Edition and Translation http://www.leavesofinspiration.com



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