Hojas de Inspiración

Ishwara’s vision of Leaves of Inspiration




Leaves announced in a shoot

leaves straight growing towards the sky

leaves shimmering in the rain

leaves that are radiant in the sunlight

leaves fiery in autumn

leaves that fall silently

leaves ignored on the streets,

leaves sustained by the breeze

leaves traveling in the streams

leaves that are consumed by the earth…


Leaves dry from memories

leaves from a quiet diary

leaves from a sacred tradition

leaves in rebellion with history…


Leaves of inspiration

blank leaves to start a life

luminous leaves for an avid reader

simple leaves elevated by a sage

secret leaves that unsettle and evoke…


Intimate leaves



our leaves.



Inspiration is the surrender of the poet to the muses of the forest in exchange for a verse

the vapor of the insides of the earth aspiring for the pythoness to be transformed into an oracle

the adoration of the devotee who dissolves his being and merges into the maternal emptiness

the will of the artist to let go and become a channel for an indomitable force

the wisdom of the transformer who goes on with his march when everyone says “halt”

the strength of the righteous who resists savagery.

Inspiration is a breath, a shoot, quietness, a gust of wind, a divine gift, lightening, poetry, grace, surrender, voice, revelation, truth, fire, rapture, silence.

Inspiration is embarking on a new course, being reborn the necessary times, knowing all the folds of the being, conquering suffering, apprehending sacrifice, living in the present.

Inspiration is to make an art out of existence, dancing without music, laughing without a reason, playing the cords of the heart.


Leaves of Inspiration

May a phrase lighten the morning, may an image guide the mind to a quiet lake, may an experience ignite a change, may remote voices come to life in a subtle act, may a verse clarify a dark thought, may utopia tame a cynical treatise, may a prayer guide the senses to a cloud or the humid earth, may a story open a compassionate heart, may the words move into the silence, may the letters invoke beauty, may the sincerity of a page incite goodness, may the meeting irradiate delight… this is what the leaves of inspiration aspire to be.


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