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Five practical ways to conquer the ego (by María Alexandra Cabrera)



A few weeks ago when the master Lakshmi was in Bogotá, I heard her say something that moved my Soul. “The more rapid that you identify it, the more rapid you will be able to conquer it”. This teaching, which she received from her Master, she transmitted one more time to refer to the way that the ego envelops us. The quicker that we identify the presence of the ego in our thoughts and emotions, the sooner we will be able to conquer it and in this way we can return to our axis of light. The more rapid that we become conscious of the fact that we have strayed from the path of grace and happiness, the sooner can we return to it. It moved me to listen to the conviction in the way that the Master told us this teaching, because it is something that I knew and that I had forgotten. As soon as she said it, I remembered and started to see that I had given too much space and power to my ego in the last few months.

I also remembered that one of the teachings of Jesus is “you cannot serve two masters”. This refers to the fact that we cannot serve both the ego and the spirit. Or we listen to our misguided mind (ego) or we listen to our correct mind (the holy spirit). The majority of the human beings spend their time going from one side to the other. We permit that for some time during the day we are governed by our ego and at other moments by the divine spark. Sometimes there are complete days that are dedicated to one or the other, but there are very few times that we can surrender ourselves with absolute certitude to our light. I know that it is not easy, but it is also not impossible. And I believe with absolute faith that Lakshmi is right when she says that the quicker we identify it the more rapid we can conquer it.

So maybe there lies the key of this matter and what we need is an urgency to learn to identify it. And do it quickly, to train ourselves to do this. To realize when the ego is governing us so that we can disassemble it and remember our eternal light. On the contrary, if we live in “automatic pilot” without even realizing what is going on and why, we are delaying our awakening, and thus our wellbeing. Next I propose for you five ways to help you to realize which mental patterns you are following. Five ways to conquer the ego.

  1. When you feel that life has become dense, heavy and oppressive, you can be sure that you have surrendered the power to your ego. We cannot always decide what happens to us in life, but I believe that we can decide if we see peace or anguish in that which happens to us. Happiness is always a personal decision. From the light of the spirit it is impossible to feel a state that is not grace, peace and love. If you do not feel like this, revise what is happening to you, to what pattern your mind is following. This does not mean that you stop feeling or that you should repress your emotions. They say that the problem is not what you feel, but what you do with what you feel.
  1. When you live from the position of the opposites, you are in the ego. Thinking in terms of good and bad, pretty or ugly, just or unjust this is thinking under the terms of the duality of the ego. There is no duality in the spirit. There is surrender and confidence in what happens to us in life. We understand that things do not go wrong but differently from what we had thought, and that there is a superior wisdom guiding us, showing us the path.
  1. When you judge others or yourself you are under the dominion of the ego. From your light there are no judgments. You understand that your brothers and sisters are your mirror and you do not judge them. When you judge others you are judging yourself and you are going farther away from love. From your divine spark it is impossible to judge. Like this so when you are tempted to criticize and to judge, revise whom you are listening to.
  1. When you need to be right at all costs it is because you have given the power to your ego. The ego loves conflict and clings to the idea of being right as one of the strategies that it most enjoys. At the same time this act disconnects you from your spirit. Flexibility, patience and a good temperament are a part of your light. The wise people do not cling to anything not even an idea. You are much more than what you do and what you believe yourself to be. From your spirit you are a pure and eternal love, you are happiness and delight.
  1. When you are constantly disheartened or you are living in fear, you are vibrating from your ego. Fear contracts while love expands. The ego loves to isolate us, to close ourselves up in bitter thoughts. The spirit no. The spirit shares and is happy no matter where or with whom it finds itself. When you lose the meaning of life, revise, stop, give yourself time and resume your direction. We can always choose who we want to listen to, we always have an option to conquer our misguided mind and return to the light.


María Alexandra Cabrera

Born in Colombia, South America. Studied Journalism in the Javeriana University in Bogotá and then realized a Specialization in History and Theory of Art in the University of Los Andes. For ten years has been using the tarot as a therapeutic tool. In this area, she has received formation from Cristóbal Jodorowsky, Marianne Costa, George Colleuil y Encarna Sánchez. Additionally she is a professional in “Reiki Kahuna”and a master of “Reiki Unitario”. She is certified as a “Meta-Arbolista” (a method to carry out reading of the family tree and evolutionary tarot). In this moment, she is studying in the Wisdom School of Crystals with Alejandra Salatino.

She is a therapist, lecturer and a member of the ProsperLove Center in Bogota. She has been a university professor, a radio journalist and an editor of magazines such as AXXIS and Bacánika. Her texts have been published in important publications such as El Tiempo, Semana, Diners, Bocas y Credencial, among others. Her blog is http://www.laventanavioleta.com


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