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Childhoods (by Ishwara)

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

My feet without a childhood ignored

the cold of the stones in the river

the sweet touch of the grass

the burning heat of the sand between the toes


My unblemished hands lost

the fertile earth after the rain

the weight of the pickax biting the furrows

the thorns of the orange tree protecting its fruits


My eyes from the city were blinded

to the tones of the mountain at dawn

to the yellow snakes intertwined copulating in summertime

to the reflection of the full moon on the clear rocks


My nose saturated with perfumes forgot

the mornings of blossoming jasmines

coffee in the campfires of humble men

salty drizzles of distant seas


My ears full of rumors were deaf

to the virile gusts of the Sierra

to the howler monkeys and toucans

to the quietude of the red sun of the dusk


My childhood was going astray

with moments of men

velocity, duties, confusion

were lost in pasts and futures without presents


I dressed in suits and forgot the taste of the wind

I left to one side the world and it was lost from my sight

I fled from the silence, the solitude, the mysteries

I escaped the unknown, which I really yearned for


I felt the absence of the Earth in my insides

its silence put certitude on its knees

I felt that only an ember of will stayed to recover my childhood

I walked groping with barefeet and naked senses


I touch, I observe, I smell, I hear, I vibrate

The void is filled with the symphony of cicadas

The Soul spreads out its wings with caresses of delight

The second childhood realizes the palpitations of Life.

2 Responses to “Childhoods (by Ishwara)”

  1. Chandra

    Thank you Ishwara for this poem. It has brought to my mind many beautiful moments and images of love for being in the moment.

    Me gusta



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