Hojas de Inspiración

We are crystals (by Paula Janín)



Fragility, home of the weak, home of tears.


Inside walls made of shame we close up, well contained, the inner child who cries for our wounds.

The love that we do not want to feel, the pain, that which moves us to the heart of our Soul.

Everything well stored away, “a castle of spider webs constructed over the sea”.


The one that told us that if we break these walls that never existed that everything would collapse,

he forgot to stay and observe, to perceive the instant of splendor.


A light that blinds us with a beauty of the naked soul, free of ego, of preconceived thoughts.


This beauty that in its petals has the dew drops of the tears that, like rain, clean our insides.

Water forged in the heart under the fire of courage, of the transparency, of the transformation.

And like that, fragile as that petal, we discover ourselves in front of the world showing this weakness which we so feared.


In the eyes that placed the clouds that we believed to be solid walls, with the eyes hazy in a glimpse of rain,

at last we experience in the flesh the beauty of being more human.



Paula Janín

Born in Mendoza, Argentina. She has received her training in the Enneagram, Family constellations, Tarot, BioNeuroEmotion, amongst others, in the last seven years. Actually she is finalizing her studies in Social Communication in the National University of Cuyo.

From a young age she has had a love for writing and her texts have been published, in various media such as in the newspaper Los Andes and the magazine Edición U.

About her writing she says:“I admire nature, the human condition, art, beauty, the fluidity of the universe, and my intention is to capture this ephemeral instant when the Soul reveals something that permits it to expand”.

Contact: https://palabrarse.wordpress.com / paujanin@gmail.com.

Translation from spanish by: http://www.leavesofinspiration.com



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