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The consciousness of the atom (by Guillermo Gras)  

Aldo Dalmazzo. Flickr.com/aldodalmazzo

Aldo Dalmazzo. Flickr.com/aldodalmazzo

If while studying matter we consider it to be inert, we will lose the possibility of understanding its profound truth and we will only come to know a superficial layer of it. Instead, if we go deeper into matter we realize that it is in fact conscious and intelligent.

I once heard a geometric definition of God that was surprising and exact at the same time: “God is a sphere whose center is found everywhere and whose surface is nowhere”.

Inside of each atom exists an active ‘solar system’, so active like our own solar system. As we know, there are more than a hundred different kinds of atoms have been discovered, as well as the existence of different kinds of solar systems in the cosmos. Each time we enter inside an atom or we leave a solar system, we are changing a dimension.

To understand these similarities I invite you to imagine that our solar system is the size of an atom. For example, an atom of silicon has fourteen electrons in orbit. Now lets visualize our planet orbiting, like a small grain of sand, around the nucleus of silicon, our sun. In this way we would be inhabitants of one of the satellites (electrons) of the atom. Besides this, let us imagine a scientist, in a gigantic size, trying to shoot other atoms, similar to our own system against us, to be able to study ourselves.

Can we see from our position inside the “electron planet Earth”, the movement of the arm of a giant scientist? For the scientist his arm would shift supposedly at five kilometers per hour, for us this arm would be moving at the velocity of light. This ‘mental exercise’ gives us an idea of what a dimensional change means.

We have been speaking about the imagination, but to make this credible to our proposal I suggest that you read the article “The Breakthroughs of 2010 and Insights of the Decade”, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science*. This text describes the award winning experiment by the magazine Science. It is about an apparatus that was taken to the the lowest energy state permitted by the laws of quantum mechanics (by cooling), and for the first time it was visible to the human eye the movements associated with the quantum rules. According to the article: “The physicists for over one hundred years have known that two distinct worlds exist: the common world with the daily experiences that obey a series of physical laws and the world of the physics of the minute things: the molecules, atoms and subatomic particles that obey what we call the quantum rules […] These rules are very different to the classic physical laws, and the scientists have not been able to understand why these little things should be governed by other types of physical laws”.

The importance of our example and of this discovery is to recognize the magic of the movement of the invisible world in daily life, understanding that everything around us contains an intelligent universe within it. In Sanskrit this intelligent particle is called Deva, which could be translated as “a little god” or a celestial being. His behavior, good, bad or indifferent, would be related to our treatment towards him; this means, that his response will be a reaction.

A plant, animal, mineral or an object has a level of consciousness and intelligence that goes beyond our perceptive capacity in this dimension. Thus, we can relate to them with an ‘extra appreciation’, not only through our feelings, as we do with our fellow human beings. If we are in a bad mood, the universe around us will conspire against us; instead, if we persist with a good spirit, the universe will accompany us.

You can make your own tests and observe the world in this way. Call by their names all of the beings in nature, regardless of the kingdom that they belong to, and become accustomed to having a relationship with them in a respectful way. Including those that seem to be inert actually have life and their own consciousness. If you need something from the other realms you should explain with clarity your thought and your necessity in a form that is the most sincere possible, without hiding anything, and what you need will be granted from the kingdom in nature to which you were directing. Also you can create a relationship with the internal organs in your body, to transmit to them your support when they are not working well, it is only necessary that you animate yourself to do it and that you have confidence.

If in this way you relate to your surroundings and you can create results, please share this with your friends.

“May the passage of the sun for the equinox renew the inner sun in your heart for this new astronomical year of 2016″.




Guillermo Gras

Born in Buenos Aires. Studied Architecture. In his profession he has specialized in the construction of rural housing based on the principles of Sacred Geometry. He has combined his professional exercise with community work. Since 1996 he lives at the feet of the mountain range of the Andes, in the Valle de Sol (Valley of the Sun), Mendoza.

He also has formation in astronomy, astrology and alchemy and during many years accompanied processes of personal growth as a coordinator for groups of inner work, (Keys of Awakening).

Additionally he is a Hatha Yoga instructor, a mountain climber and a lover of writing. His texts have been published in the magazine Cumbres. In his words: “I can say that I rediscovered that man is fundamentally spiritual when I was nineteen years old. From this moment on I have been trying to make a deeper connection with the world that is behind the surface of the senses”.

Contact: web: http://www.arquitecturasagrada.com.ar / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/guillermo.gras.5?fref=ts

Translation from the spanish by: http://www.leavesofinspiration.com


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