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The enchantment (by Lakshmi)

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

The enchantment started when the first glimpses of the dawn rays touched him deeply inside of his spirit.

It had been another long night in this dark time of his life. For years he had travelled along the path to find himself, but despite his efforts, he felt defeated, forlorn and without any impetus to live. He couldn’t unravel the meaning of his existence and he was frustrated with the emptiness that in the last few months had morphed into a state of torpor. In the past his failed relationships, his wounds, and the suffering around him deepened his desolation. Why is it –he asked himself frequently- that egoism is so abundant? – And why is the world so full of evil?

The morning came and he continued on with his mental diatribe of skepticism. But when he looked up through his curtains expecting a mood of somnambulism, the view caught him off guard. This time it was different; the beauty surprised him, and he sensed a shimmer of wonderment pass through his being like a magic caress from heaven.

The sensation paralyzed him and although he wanted to resist, he was hungry for the experience. And so, he allowed himself to dive into the play, he was ready now for the eclipse of his lethargy.

The birds were chirping, he felt their sweetness and the greyness of his heart gladly received their trills like colors of innocence. He blinked strongly and rubbed his eyes to recover his ‘sanity’ or the ‘reality’, but there was a part of him that was ready for a new creation.

He brought his body closer to the window, pulled open the curtains widely and fell softly down in the chair, and it was then that he realized before he simply had not ‘seen’. The sun with its intense light was creeping up into the sky and he was fascinated to see how delicately the rays transformed each object in front of him. The scene metamorphosized into its own perfect painting. A painting in a graceful movement. The forms and their shades, the green and then golden yellow of the autumn leaves and the light breeze, all this perfect creation captivated his heart. He no longer had thoughts or anxieties. Time passed in an eternal present.

The scene became less intense for a moment and just when he was ready to assimilate it, he felt an extraordinary vibration within himself and a force passed through his whole being. His deep gaze, the exquisiteness before him, the slowness of the beauty, had dissolved his identity and he had become One with these forms: with the birds and their songs, the leaves and their golden green, the gentle breeze and the secret essence that was now inside of him. A sweet peace sustained him and was entering into him in subtle waves. And at the same time that his spirit danced in this this ecstatic experience, with a great clarity he became aware of a beautiful Presence and heard: “You are part of everything”.

After what seemed to be a long time in this special state of his being, he had a moment to think. He remembered the journey that had taken him to the darkness where he had been submerged. He saw how his life was a long pilgrimage towards this experience with the light, the flame and the nexus of creation. Now the questions and longings that he had sent out in his meditations and even in his most dire moments had found their ultimate answer. He felt as if the sadness of the past was being absorbed and transformed by the experience. This was his moment of realization and truth. It was a new birth for his consciousness.

He tried to move from his chair, but his body did not respond. Without resisting he went more profoundly within. He knew with a certainty that his life did matter, independent of his achievements and possessions. And he felt that he was being embraced by a true love. He melted into the caress, and allowed himself to be nurtured by it, and although this kind of Love was unknown to him before now, he knew that it was more powerful, complete and sweet than anything he had experienced in his past.

He closed his eyes and this time the waves of light bathed him from above. There was a rush of a powerful force that gave way to an ocean of calmness. He concentrated on his breath, hoping to prolong this inner state. With his will he stopped his thoughts, for he knew that now he should not analyze or fill his mind with small facts and figures. This was the most important moment of his life, the time to surrender, to open himself… to become a child.

So it was there in front of the same street that his sadness was healed. On his chair that he understood the experience to be the teaching, and his Being the basis for this great experiment. On this morning beauty, simplicity and the Grace took him to the natural path of his Soul. Now he was enchanted, ready for his new life to begin.



2 Responses to “The enchantment (by Lakshmi)”

  1. bhapeenow@comcast.net

    Mi Querida Lakshmi y Ishwara, I just learned this salutation. I hope it is appropriate. Reading the “The enchantment” is an experience just to read it. It is lovely. Thank you. Lots of love, Chandra

    Me gusta

  2. Savitri Bach

    I am enchanted. The beautiful story of
    his journey flowed deeply into my being. A treasure I shall retread again and again. I love you Lakshmi, Savitri

    Me gusta



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