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Feeling: An arrow towards the Self (by Verónica Aquistapace)  

Aldo Dalmazzo.  Flickr.com/aldodalmazzo

Aldo Dalmazzo. Flickr.com/aldodalmazzo

Eventually we find new contradictions, “uncomfortable surprises” that appear in ourselves, just when we feel as if we are flying on the magic carpet. And so, what we suppose (or which our mind supposes), that “should not” bother us, appears and penetrates us deeply in our stomach and throat.

The matter of whether we “should or should not feel this” is a mental interpretation. Our consciousness is going to expand more each time, and in its perfect and absolute wisdom it will show us in the right moment where, when and how we have to see and love ourselves.

Each situation or experience appears exactly when we should see it and it presents itself in the exact measure in relation to our evolutionary process. While we start to make firm steps or strides towards our total liberty, the consciousness begins to show us what should be healed and it invites us to see ourselves.

The wonderful thing about this process is the observation of ourselves and the enjoyment of being able to see, in the place of arguing rationally and making judgments about this feeling. We should avoid ‘getting caught’ in the game of the mind, and maybe this is the way that we discover that it always was our answer and it never really contributed to a profound healing. Thus we should surrender ourselves to the emotion, let it be, because to reject it is a negation and an evasion of the Self.

Everything happens just at the right time so that we do not escape ourselves. Each feeling is an arrow that goes directly towards our Self. It brings a fundamental information about our way of seeing the world and our duties. As we permit that the Feeling expresses itself with more naturalness, this same emotion will reveal unknown aspects of our personality: tendencies, addictions, control, strategies or attachments. This vision is good news, because if an aspect of ourselves appears before us, it means that we can heal or transform it. Otherwise, we would be involved in the mental drama, anaesthetized and repeating automatic behaviors, in the place of observing ourselves profoundly and advancing towards a permanent peace.

Each new groove on the path to growth and being conscious signifies a step forward, never back. The only “instruction” is to enjoy our process, respecting ourselves in each step, loving and making ourselves the priority. We should see ourselves as gods and goddesses full of love and infinite compassion.

We should accept ourselves with eeeverything that we are discovering, un-con-di-tion-ally. We should not turn our backs. And ‘leave ourselves in peace’ from the mental perspective. When something is disturbing us, first we should look at it honestly; afterwards we should hug it compassionately in silence, and lastly we should surrender to ourselves. Surrender in the best sense of the word: letting go of control.

Although we do not have the least idea of how this situation happens to us or heals itself, at least we are going to be in a state of surrender, and available for the healing and accompanying ourselves. We can count on ourselves. This fact and the certainty, the confidence in life. Nothing else. The source, the Universe, the energy is no different than ourselves. We will be our light at the end of the tunnel, we will be at the other side for ourselves, with our smile and a hug.


Veronica Aquistapace

Verónica Aquistapace

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Studied Communication with the focus on the Educative processes in the University of Buenos Aires. She worked as a teacher in schools and institutes until 2010.

She is a Master of Reiki Usui and for many years has given free initiations in Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Mar del Plata. She teaches meditation with distinct techniques and is a facilitator of Ishaya Ascension practices. She has received a formation in the Solar codes, Cellular Regeneration and Regression therapy, amongst others. Actually she is studying for the formation to be a facilitator in the Liberation of Cellular Memory (CMR).

Verónica is the founder of the initiative SER Consciente (BE Conscious). She describes the horizon of this place with these words: “To expand the beauty of love in all of its forms and contribute to the awakening of the Consciousness is a beautiful work that we all do, each one from his or her place of action. We have all come to love everything and each situation in life, each meeting with another being is an opportunity to give even more love each time. We can only do this together in Unity”.

Contact: http://www.serconsciente.com.ar

Translation from the spanish by: http://www.leavesofinspiration.com


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