Dear Lakshmi and Ishwara, Bravo! “Meditation; Life’s Relief” is a wonderful piece. You have managed to make very clear an answer to the question , Why meditate? This is a piece of writing that I can use in my developing plans to introduce meditation as a program into the school where I teach. You have inspired me to continue to move forward with this project and I can’t thank you enough. The many references and quotations you used have made this piece scholarly and convincing.

Just 2 days ago, Savitri and I met with a woman whose sole responsibility is to lead a program of meditation in her school in Washinton D.C. She and her program work through the David Lynch foundation and teach Transcendental Meditation in the school. It was an interesting experience and has created some new areas of thought of next steps.

As for news in my life…I am finally on summer break. (smile) Love to you both, Chandra

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