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Remember (by Adrián Kanelson)

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

Rubén Guillén. prographimages@yahoo.com

A Spiritual Master is always you expressing yourself on the outside. Sometimes our preconceived ideas make us think that a Spiritual Master will dress in a tunic and will have a loving and compassionate gaze. Although it could be that a Master comes to us with these characteristics and that your inner Master will attract exactly the Master that you need in each instant. Remember: if you are seeking a Spiritual Master, look around you and there you will find it.

The Masters come in different packages and colors. Your Master is a person, an animal, a flower, an event, a word, an action, an emotion… All that happens to you in your life is your Self expressing itself, but with the myopia of the perception of your ego you see the container and not the essence, you see an occasion and not the energy. Remember: what happens in your life gives you the possibility to realize who you are.

When you walk on the path of the Earth you are walking on the path to your Self. It is in the power of your perception to see each one of your steps, as a pathway towards the infinity that you are. The clearer your perception, the more conscious you will be of yourself and your inner Mastery will be greater. Remember: work in your perception and you will be able to differentiate the illusory from the true.

And when your perception is totally clean, you will realize that there is no path, that there are no steps and that there are no Masters. When your perception is totally clean, you will know that there was no perception that did the cleaning and that you are only the Infinite whose essence is Love, Purity, Ecstasy and Bliss. Remember: that there is no traveller or path. You are free.

These words are also you expressing yourself to yourself. You have written these words for yourself with the purpose of remembering. Then remember that it is not important if you cannot see yourself and everything as a Spiritual Master; that it does not matter if you think that your perception is myopic, and that it is completely trivial that you do not realize who you are. All of this is part of the Illusion. Remember: beyond what you think of yourself you can never stop being who you are.


Adrián Kanelson

Born in Buenos Aires. He graduated in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires and received postgraduate studies in Bioenergetic Medicine and Gestalt therapy. He has also received formation in Hypnosis and is a past life regression therapist.

Adrián is a Reiki Usui Master and for many years has given free initiations in Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Quito, Cuenca, Bogotá and other cities in Latin America. He gives instruction for Meditation teachers and is a Master for Reiki Masters.

He has given conferences and offers workshops in Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and Spain. His work is an inspiration for the countless people who assist his conferences in person and also online with his teachings and therapies.

In one of his courses about the dimensions of the Self, he invited his students to assume their own Mastery with these words: “Your mission is to enjoy your mission. Your path is perfect, walk with enjoyment with your creation on the Earth.”





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