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A choice (by Lakshmi)


Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com

A choice you have

on which road to take.

A paradise discovery

or a grey mist obscuring your way.


The crossroads you must approach or never you will find

the delight of the journey or the truth of the sword.

At the opening of the clear path there is a distant crystalline light

which sparkles, oh so subtle.


But if you go closely enough, you will hear the heavenly chimes,

a sound beyond the human known,

that brings with it a power taking you into an ecstacy,

where all the Being can be healed.


So take this first step, my friend,

do not worry as the essential will stay.

All that is permanent will be with you

and the temporary will fall away.


You may have to disregard what you thought to be important.

But have this present always in your mind:

The Infinite Universe and Creation is within you

and only there eternity you can find.


Swim as a babe

in this river of Joy.

Do not stop for the shimmers of attachments,

let them pass you by.


You are a child of the Cosmos,

not just a human being.

Transcend, my dear, transcend,

your village, culture and nation, to see yourself Realized.


Your mystic Self is waiting,

a mystic mind and heart.

Call it “God-nature”

or simply “experience”, beyond words.


Experience, and only then you will know

what is real for you.

Experience, and unite you will,

make the choice towards the celestial world.


Photo: Vishnu (Bill Hulse). billhulse14@gmail.com


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