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Master no, master yes, master depends (by Ishwara)

Vishnu Bill Hulse. billhulse14@gmail.com


The revelation must be found individually, it is a matter of personal discovery; it is not a thing that can be given, learned or taught by anyone. If we ever need some help, this may be to assist us in finding the correct attitude to be adopted by the mind, the necessary emptiness of the mind, which creates a vacuum for the greater revelation of the Truth to come.

Ananda Devi (1922-1994). French author and spiritual teacher, who inspire the foundation of the New Future Society.*

To accept the responsibility of a sincere path for Self-discovery can lead us to reflect on the master-disciple relationship. Nowadays this bond usually provokes two reactions. The first is rejection because it is associated with the inappropriate use of this tie by people and institutions who have abused power or restricted freedoms. The second is of surrender to charismatic figures or those with exemplary lives that offer to give solutions to end human suffering.

The first reaction states: “Master No”. And we, as dedicated walkers on the path, can appreciate from our position this capacity to doubt. We should proclaim: “Long live critique, suspicion and liberty!”. We must become heirs of the spirit of the age of Enlightenment that questioned limiting traditions and unthinking continuations of the status quo. If we are looking for truths beyond the appearances, we will give importance to logic and skepticism, so that they can free us from unwarranted reverence without foundation. We should say “NO” to a master-disciple relationship as a form of manipulation and a disguise of a will to power.

The second reaction says, “Master YES”. And we should see at the bottom of this affirmation the valuable ability to open the heart. We should recognize that it is difficult to understand all the dimensions of the being. Opening ourselves to the possibility that masters exist that can show us ways to liberate our potential. If we want to learn to trust again in the wisdom of others, we can say “Long live humility and surrender!” We say “YES” to the master-disciple relationship in order to find an inspirational bond that evokes silence, contemplation and expansion.

For our inner pilgrimage, we will treasure from the “NO” a development of judgment and from the “YES” the cultivation of trust. We will remove the prejudice from the first reaction, and the fanaticism from the second. Thus we will be able to resist the scorching fire of criticism, which leaves nothing out of its reach, and we free ourselves from a blind obedience that fears the act of reflection.

From this renewed perspective we will say: “Master depends”. We will open our eyes and ears to unmask impostors, but we will have an open heart to identify those people who by their example are capable of showing us facets hidden to us and motivate us to the highest summits. Maybe then the master will come. At this moment our discernment will be an ally to recognize their intentions and our heart will be the beacon that guides us towards a caring and elevating relationship. At this point preparation and patience make sense: a real master and a sincere disciple will be two beings dedicated to the integration of heaven on earth and the celebration of the sacred in existence.

* Fragment from the book: The illumined mind of Ananda Devi, written by Premananda Deva y Lakshmi Devi. 2004. Nataraj Books: India.



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